With only FIVE Members serving on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, it’s vitally important that voters in District 3 elect someone who is serious about public safety.

That's why I want you to know where I stand on public safety, and what I will do to deter crime as your next County Supervisor. Below is my public safety blueprint, the principles and policies that will guide me as I work with community leaders, mental health professionals, and law enforcement to address the root causes of crime and gun violence from every direction.

Do you have public safety ideas you want me to consider? Let me know! Email her at [email protected] with your ideas.

Lena Tam: Improving Public Safety from Every Direction


  1. Work closely with our new reformer Sheriff, Yesenia Sanchez, to fill the Sheriff’s Deputy backlog, with a preference for deputies who live in Alameda County and reflect the diversity of our community. We need more law enforcement visible in our neighborhoods and engaged in community policing.
  2. Implement needed law enforcement reforms, including independent civilian oversight and de-escalation and use of force policies, that will end the Sheriff’s Department’s high rate of excessive force and wrongful death complaints. This will build trust between law enforcement and the community.
  3. Crack down on the sale of illegal guns, including ghost guns that can’t be tracked and guns bought out of state from shady dealers.
  4. Focus law enforcement action on the 2,000 repeat offenders who commit most crimes in Alameda County.
  5. Embrace a hope agenda that makes residents optimistic about their future: good schools, plentiful job opportunities, and more affordable housing.
  6. Increase funding for afterschool programs and other youth interventions that offer opportunities to build productive lives. 
  7. Coordinate with the Alameda County Office of Education to bring more social workers and counselors into our public schools to mediate conflicts before they escalate and identify problems at home.
  8. Ensure that counseling services and support for victims of crime are culturally and linguistically appropriate. Victims need to feel safe in reporting crimes and in trusting that they will be heard and be protected from retaliation. 
  9. Listen to the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assaults and fully investigate all reported acts of sexual violence.
  10. Work with Asian American, Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, faith, and other community leaders to amplify hate crime awareness and response.
  11. Remind all Alameda County residents that Alameda County is a sanctuary county. Everyone should feel comfortable reporting crimes in their community no matter their immigration status.
  12. Fully invest in mental health, substance abuse, and career prep programs at Santa Rita Jail, help with the reintegration of families when appropriate, and provide full wraparound services to help those released from jail land on their feet and stay within the law.
  13. Make mental health services and substance abuse treatment open, accessible, and affordable to all Alameda County residents through partners at our community clinics, homelessness agencies, and other relevant non-profits and health care providers.
  14. Prioritize regional solutions to help the unhoused find the services they need to get off the streets and into stable permanent housing, keeping them and our community safe.
  15. Stop violent criminals by fully investing in violent crime units at our Sheriff’s Office and prosecutors in the District Attorney’s office.
  16. Fully invest in our public defender's office to ensure that no one is wrongfully convicted or unfairly sentenced.
  17. Expand efforts to disrupt organized theft rings, especially as it relates to catalytic converter thefts and smash-and-grabs.
  18. Bring neighborhood associations, business associations, victims’ advocates, and advocates for racial and social justice and law enforcement accountability into regular dialogue with county leaders to find common ground.

As your next Supervisor, I will immediately get to work forging the coalitions it’ll take to unite our community around commonsense public safety solutions. I'm a leader who is known as a consensus builder and problem solver, endorsed by EVERY District 3 Mayor and EVERY current and former District 3 Supervisor.

No more excuses. Alameda County deserves results.

Elect Lena Tam for County Supervisor for Public Safety Solutions.