Inspired by and driven to create local governments that are accessible, responsive, and effective, Lena will be a Supervisor committed to public health, clean air and water, open space, affordable housing, and universal access to healthcare. Her priorities as the next Supervisor of District 3 include:

Safe and Sustainable Transportation

When Supervisor Wilma Chan was killed by a car last year, Alameda County lost a leader, and Lena and many others lost a friend. Lena will focus on transportation improvements that make our streets and sidewalks safe for all.

Environmental Protection

Lena will ensure that Alameda County continues to be a leader on the great environmental challenges of our age, including the climate crisis and clean air and water.

Public Safety

Crime has been on the rise in Alameda County, especially in crimes against Asian-Americans. Lena will provide a voice, particularly for the AAPI community, on matters of public safety, including appropriate staffing to solve and prevent serious crimes. Lena will work with the Chinatown Improvement Council on identifying collaborative resources to keep all of us safe.

Poverty and Homelessness

Lena will work to build upon existing and new coalitions to secure state and federal funding to address the root causes of homelessness in Alameda County: housing and shelter, mental health care, rehabilitation from substance abuse, and breaking the cycle of poverty. She’ll expand Alameda County’s mobile family resources center to include nonprofits that help those most in need.


Lena will increase funding for non-profit health care facilities like Asian Health Services, La Clínica de la Raza, and Native American Health Center, as we recover from COVID-19.