Lena Tam's Endorsers Include:

Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
American Association of University Women - Alameda Branch
East Bay Times

Elected and Appointed Officials

State Leaders

Fiona Ma, State Treasurer
Betty Yee, State Controller
Evan Low, State Assemblymember
Mike Fong, State Assemblymember

Local Leaders

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Alameda Mayor
Libby Schaaf, Oakland Mayor
Pauline Cutter, San Leandro Mayor
Dave Brown, Alameda County Supervisor, District 3
David Haubert. Alameda County Supervisor, District 1
Phong La, Alameda County Assessor
Melissa Wilk, Alameda County Controller/Clerk-Recorder
Alice Lai Bitker, Former Alameda County Supervisor, District 3
Don Perata, Former Alameda County Supervisor, District 3
Marie Gilmore, Former Alameda Mayor
Corina Lopez, San Leandro Councilmember
Fred Simon, San Leandro Councilmember
Jim Oddie, Former Alameda Councilmember
Stewart Chen, Former Alameda Councilmember
Benny Lee, Former San Leandro Councilmember
Abel Guillen, Former Councilmember, Oakland, District 2
John McPartland, BART Director
Erlene DeMarcus, Former BART Director
Doug Linney, Board President, EBMUD
Frank Mellon, Board Member, EBMUD
Jennifer Williams, President, Alameda Unified School District
Heather Little, Vice President, Alameda Unified School District
Megan Sweet, Secretary, Alameda Unified School District
Gary Lym, Trustee, Alameda Unified School District
Megan Sweet, Trustee, Alameda Unified School District
Ron Mooney, Former Boardmember, Alameda Unified School District
Dr. Jim Meyers, Director, Alameda Health Care District
Gayle Codfrey-Codiga, Trustee, Alameda Health Care District
Michael Williams, Trustee, Alameda Health Care District
Tracy Jensen, Trustee, Alameda Health Care District
Gordon Galvan, Boardmember, Eden Health Care District
Diana Prola, San Leandro Unified School District
Monique Tate, San Leandro Unified School District
Kelly Lux, President, Alameda Chamber of Commerce 
Tony Corica, Chair, Alameda Hospital Foundation
Kenneth Pon, San Leandro Planning Commission

Regional Leaders

Gabriel Quinto, El Cerrito Mayor
Margaret Abe-Koga, Mountain View Mayor
Sherry Hu, Dublin City Councilmember
Shawn Kumagai, Dublin City Councilmember
Raj Salwan, Fremont Cty Councilmember
Teresa Keng, Fremont City Councilmember
Jim Navarro, Former Councilmember, Union City
Jerry Pentin, Former Pleasanton City Councilmember
Gilbert Wong, Trustee, Foothill-De Anza Community College District
Sue Chan, Trustee, Ohlone College
Hal Gin, Trustee, Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
Kenneth Pon, San Leandro Planning Commission
Jennifer Ong, Municipal Advisory Council Chair for Eden Area Commission
Otto Lee, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Community Members

Christine Amittone, Alameda Hospital Foundation*
Dawn Argula, Alameda County Leader*

Suzanne Barba, Past President, League of Women Voters*
Keith Barros, San Lorenzo Community Leader
Max Bayloses, Filipino American Community 
Karen Bey, Alameda Community Leader  
Doug Biggs, Alameda Point Collaborative* 
Paula Biwer, AAUW
Xuohoa Bowen, Executive Dir, Community Impact Lab*
Zac Bowling, Social Media Influencer
April Chan, Fairview Municipal Advisory Council
Carl Chan, Chinatown Chamber of Commerce*
Greg Chan, Oakland Leader
Pam Riley Chang, Alameda Education Foundation
Sheena Chang, Managing Director, PC Retail
Serena Chen, Open Government Commission
Stewart Chen, Alameda Healthcare District Member
Pamela Chenn-Scoffern, Oakland School District
John Chiang, Former Mayor of Piedmont
Herbert Chiu, President, Rotary Club of Fremont
John Chung, Community Health for Asian Americans*
Michelle Clowser, San Lorenzo Community Volunteer
Ed Collaco, Community Leader
Bella Comelo, Commissioner, San Leandro Senior Commission
Brian Copeland, San Leandro Arts Commission
Louise Cronewett, Alameda
Fran David, Former Hayward City Manager
Joyce Denyven, Girls, Inc.
Kevin and Dede Dugan, Oakland Dimond District
Selena Faubhaber, Alameda Soccer League
Debbie Ferrari, Ferrari Trucking
Annie Flores, Surlene Grant Campaign Manager 
Jason and Millie Fong, Alameda Business Owners
Jean Fong, Alameda Resident
Susan Forster, Business Consultant, Oakland 
Gordon Galvan, Former San Leandro City Council
Jeff Goodman, Better Homes Realty 
Harry Greer, Alameda Funeral Services 
Abel Guillen, Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Mark Hamilton, San Leandro School Counselor 
Laurie Harper, Alameda Sings, President
Louis Heystek, Boardmember, San Leandro Personnel Relations
Eve Hsiang, Making a Difference
Chenming Hu, UC Berkeley, Distinguished Professor*
Paddy Iyer, Exec. Director, Daily Bowl 
Phillip and Gina Jaber,
Alameda Community Leaders
Corrine Jan, Executive Director, Family Bridges
Tyron Jordan, Teacher\
Sylvia Kahn, OUSD Teacher*
Karen Kenny, Girl's Inc of the Island City*
Sandra Kiyomura, President, Alameda Chinese Club* 
Deb Knowles, FAAS
William Kwong, Prosthodontist
Barbara Krummel, AAUW 
Ryan LaLonde, Alameda PTA Council President 
Suzy Lee, Oakland Planning Commissioner
Lily Leung, Alameda Community Leader 
Steve Lowery MD, East Bay Pulmonary
Maria Luk, East Bay Healing Hands* 
Joe L. Ma, East Bay Toishan Assn.* 
Juan Martinez, San Leandro Park & Rec Commission (Ret)*
Jan Mason, Rhythmix Cultural Works, Board Member 
Burny Matthews, Retired Police Chief 
Ron Matthews, Alameda Little League
Joyce and Dave Mercado, Alameda Parks Foundation 
Jim Meyers MD, Commissioner, Alameda Co. Public Health Commission
Don Miller MD, Kaiser Physician* 
Peggy Moore, Hope Rising*
Frannie Mok, Attorney
Mark Morodomi, Family Bridges 
Rex Moulton-Barrett MD, Trans Healthcare
Honora Murphy, Friends of the Library 
Nwo Oo, Community Health for Asian Americans*
Mary Oppendahl, American Association of University Women
Bill Pai, Harbor Bay Homeowners' Association
Ellen Paisal, Alameda Community Leader 
Elaine Peng, Founder and President, Mental Health Association of Chinese Americans* 
Kate Quick, Alameda Community Leader 
Kathy Ready, San Lorenzo Village Homeowners Assn*
Vasanthe Reddy, Alameda Community Leader
Vince Rocha, San Lorenzo Activist
Liz Rogers, Alameda Community Leader
Ces Rosales, Berkeley Community Health*
Dan Salisbury, Encinal High School Teacher* 
Vicky Sedlack, Alameda Education Foundation
Joanna Kim Shelby, Executive Director, Korean Community Senior Center*
Margie Sherratt, Retired Educator, Alameda
Rich Sherratt, Founder, Alameda Boys and Girls Club* 
Bill Smith, Alameda Community Leader* 
Debi Stebbins, Exec. Director, Alameda Hospital
Cori Stravonopoulos, Owner, Fat Lady Restaurant 
Rosalind Sturlini, St Phillip Neri Teacher 
Richard Sykes, Sykes Wine Cellar
Gayle Thomas, Kiwanis 
Ngoc Tran, Alameda Rotary
Dennis Valerio, Alameda Elks Club* 
Nancy Van Huffel, San Lorenzo Village Administrator (Ret)
Donna Vaughn, Alameda League of Women Voters*
Li Volin, Alameda Community Leader
Albert Wang MD, Friends of Children with Special Needs*
Hendy Wijaya, San Leandro Asian Alliance* 
Gary Wolff, Retired Exec. Director Stopwaste.org
Albert Wong, Oakland Pharmacy
Jennie Wong E.D., Alameda Community Leader/Girls Inc.
Malaysia Valadez
C.C. Yin, Co-Chair, Asian Americans for Good Government 
Michael Yoshii, Reverend at Buena Vista United Methodist Church
Emily Xiao, San Lorenzo FrodoJoe Cafe
Jeevan Zutshi, Jeevan Zutshi Associates, Fremont


* Titles for identification purposes only.

Yes, it's Time to Tam! I endorse Lena Tam for County Supervisor.